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My tools

(1 -minute read)

In this page, I’ll share all the tools I use to improve my life and workflow.

  • Google Calendar (Web and iPhone) – With the death of, this is currently the best free calendar out there.
  • Todoist – A to do list. Multiplied my productivity by 4. It’ll change your life if you stick to it. I suggest upgrading to Premium to use it to the fullest, I’m a paying user for 4 years now.
  • Asana – A Free Project Management. Been using it for all my projects with all my companies.
  • Slack – The greatest new SaaS discovery of mine during 2016 for optimized team communication and clever business integrations. This one alone lowered the number of emails in my inbox by 90%.
  • Lastpass – It’s a password manager and password generator that locks your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. Thanks to it, I no longer memorize my passwords.
  • More updates soon.