Music for me or for you?

Would a music producer invest hours in writing a song if it was guaranteed that no one will listen to it?

Back when I was a teenager, I discovered electronic music.

I tried to persuade my friends how great this music is, hoping to share my experience with others.

That didn’t work as planned. I was 10 years early.

I believe that music is a (universal) language, like any language, it’s a means to communicate. Therefore it must have a giver and a receiver.

Therefore, my conclusion is that all artists (and music producers in particular) are creating art to touch the souls of others.

My hunger to communicate with the new language I discovered when I was young, pushed me to create platforms that over the years have enabled me to share my favorite music with the world.

Thankfully, with enough grit, for the past decade, I helped to build music brands such as Silk Music, The Grand Sound, Chillhop Music, and others that reach millions of people daily and make their days slightly better.

If only I thought music is not meant for sharing with others…

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