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Summary and key lessons from Creativity Inc. (2018 update)

This is my book review on Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull (Pixar’s current president) and Amy Wallace where you can find my key lessons from this excellent book which I believe will fit a wide range of people from different work environments. This book is an awesome journey!

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Hi, I’m Eliran.

Father, husband, team player.

I write about philosophies and ideas that caught my attention and improved my life in the fields of:

Online enterpreneurship. Health & fitness. Fatherhood. Spirtuality.
People. Music.

Since 2012, I helped to scale and spread these ideas through various brands and in result affected millions all over the world.

My biggest passion is to connect people who share a great idea, empower them, and help them become a thriving team that brings this idea to fruition.

Hope you enjoy my writings…