The 5-steps Morning Routine that changed my life

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris (more on that book in a future post).

This book includes so many great recommendations on health, wealth, and business from many successful people in the world.

There is one recurring concept in the that seemed to affect the level of happiness I have on my day substantially…

That is — having a morning routine.

My morning routine is 30-40 minutes long and goes as follows:

1. Make your own bed

No matter how the day ends, at least I have accomplished one thing today. In addition, having a messed up bad is a subconscious distraction.

2. Make 10 repetitions of a power exercise

I like to either do Archer/Typewriter push-ups or pull-ups. These two exercised are very challenging for me at the moment so doing either every day helps me get better at them.

Repetition is key.

3. Reading a book for 10-15 minutes

The easiest and cheapest way to become a learning machine is to read more books. IS it worth spending $10 USD on a book that tells everything a person X has learned on Y for his whole life? I believe so.

In addition, I’ve done the “math”. Reading for 10+ minutes a day will help you finish reading dozens of books a year.

4. Meditate

Gain more focus, calmness and spend time letting your mind float with thoughts without many external engagements.

I am currently meditating for 10-15 minutes a day, and a cool app calls Calm helped me to do that for 21 days straight (and counting!)

Many accomplished people recommend 20 mins of meditation in the morning and in the evening, I’m not there yet.

I’m not qualified enough to explain how important meditation is, but I sure hope to share my journey while practicing it in future blog posts.

5. Journaling

Only 5 minutes a day.

Set one big goal for today, through your thoughts on a paper, daily affirmations and things you’re grateful are all things I strongly recommending to do every morning.

Every evening, acknowledge the amazing things that happened to you today and how could you have made your day even better.

I currently use The 5-minute Journal and it helped me make journaling a habit.


Some of the most successful people today believe that controlling the morning really helps gain control of the day.

Having a morning routine indeed helped me gain more control of my morning and I’m happy with the results so far.

Having your own morning routine? Do you have further questions on mind? Comment below.

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